Insight into brain’s complexity revealed thanks to new applications of mathematics

The lack of a formal link between neural network structure and its emergent function has hampered our understanding of how the brain processes information. The discovery of a mathematical framework to describe the emergent behaviour of the network in terms of its underlying structure comes one step closer. A new approach to neuroscience based on […]

Singapore schools to introduce e-learning portal from 2018

SINGAPORE: Students in Singapore will be able to access an online learning portal starting next year, the Ministry of Education (MOE) announced in a press release on Wednesday (Aug 16). The basic functions of the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) are currently being piloted at 62 primary and secondary schools, and the portal will be […]

Young professors receive Early Career Awards from DOE

Lin Lin, an assistant professor of mathematics, and Eric Neuscamman, an assistant professor of chemistry, have received 2017 Early Career Research Program awards from the Department of Energy to further their work on new materials. Lin, who joined UC Berkeley’s math department in 2014 and is a faculty scientist in the Computational Research Division at […]

We’re All Born With Mathematical Abilities (And Why That’s Important)

As an undergraduate at the University of Arizona, Kristy vanMarle knew she wanted to go to grad school for psychology, but wasn’t sure what lab to join. Then, she saw a flyer: Did you know that babies can count? “I thought, No way. Babies probably can’t count, and they certainly don’t count the way that […]

UK to adopt Chinese maths textbooks to improve test scores

Students across the British school system will be using textbooks almost identical to students in the Chinese megacity of Shanghai from January 2018, in a bid to improve ailing mathematics test results. The British government will implement an initiative worth US$54 million whereby half of all primary school teachers to use the Real Shanghai Mathematics […]

U.S. math team finishes 4th behind Korea, China, Vietnam

July 25 (UPI) — The U.S. International Mathematical Olympiad team finished in fourth place in international competition, taking home gold and silver medals, the Mathematical Association of America announced. The U.S. team’s fourth place finish was out of 110 teams around the world and behind only Korea, China and Vietnam in the competition, which was […]

Asia’s top-ranked university appoints new president

National University of Singapore promotes provost Tan Eng Chye The National University of Singapore, Asia’s top-ranked higher education institution, has appointed a new president. Tan Eng Chye, who has served as deputy president (academic affairs) and provost since 2007, will take charge at the university in January 2018. The mathematician and academic leader succeeds Tan […]

Mathematics yields techniques for more accurate weather predictions

Weather forecasting is one of the most computationally challenging problems in science. Forecasts are produced by simulating a numerical model of the Earth’s weather patterns and then predicting its future behaviours. For such simulations to correctly reflect actual weather conditions with high accuracy, it is important to update the model with the latest satellite data. […]